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Q. What is your specialty?

A. I specialize in attachment. I thrive in redirecting all biblical matters to their relational foundation and understanding. I love teaching people how to study accurately, how to identify cultural biases that prevent them from really understanding the meanings of biblical content, and how to see the bible as one whole book rather than segments of information that do and undo each other.

Q. What are your presentations like?

A. Presentations are in PowerPoint format, with lots of lecture and interaction as well. 

Q. What do you charge to give a presentation?


A. Nothing. If there are travel expenses, we accept donations for the venue, but the teaching is always free of charge.

Q. Are you a"Hebrew Roots" teacher? 


A. No. Just as Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, Christian Scientists, and Chrislam groups would not consider themselves under the same umbrella of "Christianity" based on their vast differences in beliefs and practices, so the term "Hebrew Roots" has become a basket title for all sorts of belief systems and biblical interpretations... a few might be wonderful and scholarly, but many are cultish and bizarre. I embrace Messianic Halacha as taught by the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), Whom I believe to be Divine.  

Q. Who is your main audience?


A. I am the "cold call" person; the non-threatening hallway or bridge to understanding the Torah from a Messianic perspective for the newer seekers. I also delight in sharing with people so "bogged down" with knowledge that they need a refresher of the refreshment of a relational encounter with our King. 

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