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Guest speakers are those we invite to present their message. They are not affiliated with First Century Path, but they are people we trust, look to for information, and enjoy creating opportunties for people to hear them.




Bill Cloud is a Hebrew scholar and teacher who has invested the last 25 years digging into the scriptures to develop an accurate understanding of them from the Hebraic perspective (which would be the cultural perspective of our Messiah).


Bill's knowledge of the Hebrew language and considerable teaching skill makes the experience of listening to the things he shares very enriching, exciting, and refreshing.



If one of our events is your first time hearing Bill or if you are like the many who simply never tire of his balanced, compassionate, and thought provoking teachings, we are certain that his contributions will bring a spiritual depth that will greatly enhance your study of the Word.


For more about Bill Cloud, go to his website  at www.

One of our favorites...

Bill Cloud

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