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I talk East. I live West. #details

In starting this blog I am confronted with that whole idea that to be wisdomish, one must be wise. Or maybe it was that if one is wisdomish one cannot be wise. It was something like that. There are vasts differences in the two, though many do not recognize it. At least that is how it seems. It's an upside down world I live in. It's upside down being very educated and yet staring up at a stack of volumes of key documents I don't fully understand. It's intimidating.

It can certainly break your wisdomish streak. I speak from experience.

It's also an upside down world one lives in while connecting with and teaching in a relational way that which many consider to be mainly lots and lots and lots of words. And penal codes. And regulations. And rules. And penal codes. (I am referring to the bible here.) It's an upside down world when I speak of facts and realities that challenge years and years of doctrines of very respected and high ranking bible teachers, who themselves learned from the Western sages of "old." It's an upside down world when so many people have been taught that "plan A God" wrestled with "plan B God" for your soul...and that there was actually a winner and a loser. Perhaps you are sensing a pattern here?

Yes. It is an upside down world.

If that is the answer that we must accept (and it is), then perhaps it is the questions we resist (and they are). Interestingly, with my multi-phobic stance pertaining to my huge mountain of documents waging war with a clock that keeps making the days end before I get to them, I have come to some conclusions that are actually helpful. Seriously.

About those questions that harass you like a nighttime mosquito, this is where I can help you.

In my world, the crucial furniture and other necessities are nailed to the floor, so some sphere bending and planetary upheavals might be jarring, but nothing essential gets damaged. It might get dinged by flying debris, but never really impaired or dislodged. In my world there is a fundamental understanding of an invitation to an intimate encounter with God, rather than the strapping on of combat boots for the sake of combat boots. In my world, there is mercy. There is forgiveness. There is grace. There is a covering of all with love.

Does my world sound nice? It is. Does my world spin? It does. Does my world grieve? Constantly.

Yes, constantly. But in a good way. I believe my world is a place prepared for some by the Father. I can say that because I am not so much a girl but more of a hallway. This hallway is a place where you can stand in front of doors you are not ready to open, and be encouraged, beckoned, nudged a little, but respected as the architect of your own personal door opening pilgrimage. Free will is the stuff of Kings who actually have the heart of their people. That is the only way it can work anyway. From a willing human heart to a willing God is the only genuine recipe for that transfer.

That is what you will find in my world. Come on in. Bring your friends. They won't mind this hallway near as much as some others. The air is fresh and the floor is sturdy in this hallway. We can approach these doors together with faith and some feisty all up in there.

There is a tall pile of unread documents being digested by me in small bites in my world, and that's okay, because I know my lane. God knows my lane. I am not the girl who knows everything, or even thinks she should. I am the girl who can have a million questions looming and still drift off to sleep knowing it will keep. It wasn't always this way. It took years of the Father lovingly coaxing me into this place, so that I may breathe and rest. Finally.

So, yes. I talk and think East, but I live West. I teach on Eastern methods and mindsets while sitting in Western chairs and while walking Western carpets. The reason I can do that is because our God is an awesome God, and He teaches us in wisdom just as He has prepared our soil. My seeds are for the gardeners who are new to planting or for experienced gardeners who forgot why they started planting in the first place. If you are wise, I can learn from you. If you are wisdomish, I can teach you. If you aren't sure what you are, come sit by me because we can figure it out here, in this safe hallway, where I have been given some jurisdiction as a keeper. Not that I wanted it, but this is what my path has yielded me to, so I am going to keep on walking.

Welcome to my world.

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