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Welcome to New Covenant Path! I'm Dr. Robin Gould and my goal is to serve in the Kingdom through teaching, inspiring, comforting, and networking. My husband and other dedicated Believers are with me in this effort, and I am honored by their commitment and encouragement.


The believers in the first century were far closer to the understanding of the Torah and the Messiah than the mainstream church is today. I seek to lovingly demonstrate areas where there might be confusion as to what "grafted in" really means from a first century, biblical perspective.


My main goal is to bring simple, accurate learning of scripture that has been misinterpreted by the mainstream church, and presenting it in it's correct, factual, original understanding so we may draw nearer to Yeshua (Jesus).


We also invite guest speakers. Check our events page for updates on who will be visiting us next and details of the event.


If you are interested in bringing some of our teachings to your fellowship, let us know.

New Covenant Path is a Limited Liability Company